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Golf Cart Rentals

Day-Trips & Hourly Rentals
For a day-trip to the island or to rent hourly, we offer golf cart rentals on a walk-in basis.  Please come by our rental office once you are on the island for a rental. Please call us for questions and directions (252)928-0090. 

Longer Stays & Reserving A Golf Cart
If staying on the island a little longer, we also offer overnight, multi-day, and weekly rentals.  Please stop by once you arrive or contact us in advance to reserve a 
cart for your stay.  Making reservation is quick and easy. 
Call us (252)928-0090 or use our online form. 

We do our best to accommodate any special needs or requests. We do recommend advance reservations during summer, for weekly rentals, weddings, and special events. All NC driving laws apply. Responsible driving, signaling, and parking are required.

Open daily at 8am, March-November
Located at 216 Irvin Garrish Hwy, along Silver Lake

For additional information, please see Rates and FAQ.

Call Us (252)928-0090

Golf Cart Rental Request Form

     -This form is for advance rental requests of overnight & weekly rentals only. 
     -Please complete form, check for accuracy, then submit the form.
     -We will get back to you within 1-2 days to confirm your reservation request.  
     -If you are interested in renting a cart today, please call us.
     -Open daily at 8am, March-November.  Thank you!  (252)928-0090

​ Today's Date: 

 Renters Name:

 Cell Phone:*
 (must be accurate) 

 Rental Dates:
​ (include rental start date & rental end date (June 1, 2020- June 8, 2020)

 Type of Cart:*  

 Total Number of Carts Requested:* 

 Ocracoke Rental Name:*  
 (Ex: Anchorage Inn or Sea Star JD23)
 Ocracoke Rental Location Address:*
 (Ex: 245 Lighthouse Road ) 


Please drive, signal, & park responsibly in our community. 
All driving laws apply.
Thank you!

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